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The “Österreichische Bibliothekartag” is the most important expert conference of librarians in Austria. During the last years 800 librarians and visitors attended the events and explored the trade exhibitions. In 2019 the conference will take place in Graz. We would like to invite you to present your company and your products on this occasion and offer different possibilities such as are: booth at the exhibition, infolunches, product reviews. Additionally we offer some possibilities for sponsoring, e.g. presenting your companys logo on the website or in the program.

The companies exhibition at the Österreichische Bibliothekartag 2019 will be opened right after the opening of the conference on the 10th of September 2019, as it was at the Österreichische Bibliothekartag 2009 in Graz. The intention is to draw the participants’ attention to the exhibitors, present at the conference, right from the very beginning. We would like to encourage you to offer snacks and/or beverages at your booth. You are free either to bring products from your region or country or to make use of the local catering services. There is a band booked for musical entertainment for the duration of the opening night.

The exclusive caterer for Stadthalle Graz:

Toni Legenstein Catering
Tel: +43 316 39 11 65
Fax: +43 316 39 22 77